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Featured Products
  • la vie organique-18.jpg

    Create the perfect Brow Kit

    The long wear brow clay pencil is equipped the essentials to Fill, Define, Highlight and Sharpen.

  • the-perfect-cleanser-17.jpg

    Get rid of Oil and Acne

    This Aloe cleanser will help to alleviate oil and acne naturally with fruit extracts for a deep clean without irritation.

  • Hydrate and soften texture

    These two sugars help to exfoliate deeply. You won’t resist the magical effect of this body scrub with sugars that turn into milk when in contact with water. 

  • StressRelief101_Kit_480x480.png

    Hydrating Face Trio

    Make this your own.

    Add the content you want.

  • Invigorating and Hydrating

    This Beautiful Body Oil will hydrate your body and hair.

  • TimeResist-CremeJour__800x800_480x480.pn

    Control Aging

    This Hydrating but lightweight day cream is perfect for spring or summer. It contains plant-based stem cells to uphold your skin's youth.