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Best Spa in Glendora

Facial I: Signature La Vie Facial

This multi-phase facial is designed to purify deep cleanse to progressively treat the skin, eliminate blackheads, and restore proper moisture using a combination of modalities.

Premium 75 minutes $170

Perfecting 90 minutes $255

Perfect Derma Peel Facial

Facial II: Perfect Derma Peel

Provides healthy ageless skin for all skin types and ethnicities concerned with pigmentation, scarring, acne, and skin tightening.

60 minutes $260 

Clear $275

Plus $290

Plus Plus $305 (Skin tightening boosted)

facial exercises to tighten your skin treatments

Facial III: Not sure what facial you need?

Our Skin care expert will tailor a treatment and home care regiment designed for your unique needs.

75 minutes $170

Click to learn more about our peels

Facial IIII: Pro Clinical Peel

Achieve a youthful appearance by improving fine lines, skin tone, texture, and pigmentation. No downtime just great results.

15-30 minutes $75

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