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The "How to Brow Custom Eyebrow Pencil Kit" contains the essential products to FILL, DEFINE AND HIGHLIGHT your eyebrows. The long-wearing Chella eyebrow pencil has a Creamy consistency that glides into place and can be lightly smudged for a truly natural-looking finish. To tame unruly hair and hold your finished look in place all day use a sweep of the Chella  Eyebrow Defining Gel.  Finish with the amazing multi-use Chella Highlighter Pencil, it highlights, conceals and brightens all areas of your eyes,  eyebrows, and face. Polished, sophisticated eyebrows – That's Beautiful.

How to Brow Custom Eyebrow Pencil Kit

Eye Brown Pencil
  • Begin to lightly apply the product in an upward motion at the front of the brow. As you get closer to the arch to the tail area, gradually build up the product in the direction of the hairs grow. The brow should be light and natural in the front and gradually get darker. Product Details: Eyebrow Pencil, Highlighter, Eyebrow Gel, and Sharpener 

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