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High functional rejuvenating cream that contains human bio stem cell. This Anti-ageing daily cream is focused to activate cell recovery, generates collagen and moisture level, improves skin tone and texture and anti-wrinkle. 

Stem Cell Rejuvenate Super Cream

  • Key ingredients: 

    SteMiN 5,000ppm stem cell multi growth factor

    LotuStem - Stem cell activator, increase skin immunity, and regenerating

    Super Centella - Anti-Irritation, anti-inflammation and wound healing

    TriEx - Extracts from 3types of brown algae for skin elasticity 

    Varrier - 4 kinds of berries to protect skin damage and inflammation caused by UV.

    WhiTen - 10 kinds of whitening functional complex to brighten the skin

    Acetyl Hexapeptide 8 - Botox like ingredentient for skin lifting

    Niacinamide - anti-pigmentation and brightening  

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