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Cell Fusion C  Expert | Timereverse Concentrate Essence | 2 in 1 Essence Toner | Serum 130ml


This milk ceramide will provide anti-aging ingredients and deep hydrating.


A first-step essence with a high concentration of the active ingredient's fine particles to deliver nourishment deep within the skin.


• Delivery of the anti-aging effects

The Time Reverse Line's core ingredient 'TRF' is applied with the particle refinement MF technology' to guarantee the delivery of anti-aging effects to skin


• The soft, milky formula provides intense nourishment

The milky formula with a high concentration of the active ingredients is absorbed by skin quickly and softly, providing the right amount of nourishment as the first-step skincare product.


• Glowing skin with moisture, and antioxidation as well as nourishment Milk ceramide, hyaluronic acid, and synthetic selaginella lepidophylla extract as nourishing ingredients and fig fruit extract with anti-oxidation effect moisturize and nourish dry skin for glowing skin.

Concentrate Essence

  • *To prevent spread of Covid-19 all sales are final

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