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[Cell Fusion C| Expert Timereverse Lifting Cream | Wrinkle Care 50ml


Helps to improve three skin aging concerns Anti-aging, deep moisture, and improve skin elasticity. 


The anti-aging cream melts into the skin as soon as it is applied, providing deep moisture without leaving the skin feeling sticky.


The core ingredient of the Time Reverse Line 'TRF', what we call spreadable Botox 'Argireline', and a wrinkle

improvement ingredient 'Adenosine' are applied with the Oliosome technology to guarantee the delivery of anti-aging skin benefits.

Lifting Cream

  • Key ingredients: 50ml

    • TRF - Time Reverse Factor

    • NEO-CMS™

    • Oliosome Delivery

    • Argireline

    • Adenosine

    • Resverarol

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