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Virtual Facial
with Mirelle Roman
Available in English or Spanish!

Mirelle Roman is a trusted licensed esthetician trained in acne solutions and anti-aging facials. Her goal is to make you feel at ease and help you achieve glowing skin in the spa and at home!

Why have a virtual facial consultation?

Your skin is unique and each person has different triggers and problem areas. I have been trained to assess your skin and identify what would be right for your skin. Through this one-on-one experience, you will learn do's and don'ts specifically tailored to your skin, saving you money and time!

What's included in my virtual facial consultation?

We will meet online, and I will walk you through each step of the home facial.  This is perfect for those of you who may have been indulging in sweets and/or wine during this stressful time and now you see it showing up on your skin.  This is also a good idea if your skin is starting to show signs of stress due to uncertain times.  And, it's great if you just want to hang out and chat (like we do during your facials), indulge in self-care, and learn how to create glowing skin from home until you can come in again.

How much does it cost?

Please book one week in advance as this will allow me to ship you a customized facial kit. 

  • 15min. Free Consultation

  • $100 30min. Consultation with the at-home facial kit 

  • $250 90min. I will cover Skin Mapping to see what your internal skin health is trying to tell you. I will also teach you a custom lymph drainage massage using your custom facial kit to rid your body of harmful toxins

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