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T H E  C O L L A G E N  M A K E R


Exciting New Treatment to Firm, Minimize Pores & promote new collagen growth. It is a very exciting new treatment to La Vie Organique Spa!

The Collagen Maker


A device is used to awaken new Collagen and Elastine by 400% and strengthen sluggish collagen fibers. In addition this treatment will re-sculpt, detoxify skin, minimize fine lines and wrinkles, improve texture and tone, and lift facial contours.


This is the ULTIMATE age-defying treatment Experience. 

The Benefits / What it does: 

• Instant lifting, firming, and tightening of skin


• Minimize appearance of pores and puffiness by exfoliation and stimulating 
channels for blood flow throughout the surface of the


• Balance proper cell growth centers by opening channels with a collagen pen that has microscopic needle points which release blockages
and surge a new cell growth that will provide miraculous anti-aging benefits


• Ultimate age-defying
La Vie Organique Spa clients are falling in LOVE with this Unique Treatment! Two intensity levels are available


1. Collagen Maker 1 for Hydration $250

2. Collagen Maker 2 Improves signs of wrinkles, pigmentation, scares, mild acne and texture faster $450


*Ask about our package promotions

real results

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