Everything the skin needs to firm and lift the face, neck, décolleté and bust can be found here in our  Firming kit featuring the Advanced Optimizer products designed to provide a visible lift to the skin while supporting the sin’s infrastructure by boosting collagen production. Start with the Advanced Optimizer Serum on the face, a light weight, super hydrating serum with hibiscus peptide to stimulate collagen production along with soy peptides and wild rose extract to lift the facial contours. Next up, the Advanced Optimizer Gel Lift sample, a targeted product for the neck, décolleté and bust, gives support to these vulnerable areas with the same ingredients found in the Serum along sweet almond protein joining the mix to shape and sculpt the skin. Lastly, the Advanced Optimizer Crème, a powerful moisturizer rich in peptides, vitamins and anti-oxidants like Co-enzyme Q10, assists in supporting the skin’s collagen network with both rebuilding and protective action to defend against the biological and environmental processes that degrade the quality of our skin’s support system.


Set includes: 

Advanced Optimizer Serum

Advanced Optimizer Gel Lift sample

Advanced Optimizer Crème

Advanced Optimizer Set

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